A very busy weekend

I got spoiled last weekend, and it has nothing to do with the weather.

A three-day weekend is a luxurious treat, and I loved every second of it.

By contrast, the normal lightning-quick normal two-day Saturday-Sunday sojourn went by in a heartbeat.

I often joke that after I leave the office Friday night, some times it seems like I blink my eyes and I'm back here again early Monday morning.

That was the case this weekend, in part because of a jaunt out to State College for the annual Pennsylvania Newspaper Association Keystones Awards banquet.

Every time I drive out to State College, I am struck by the same thought. Those who still believe we are fast running out of open space should try that drive some time.

Second, and since I have never attended a Penn State football game, I wonder exactly how far traffic backs up Saturday mornings on game days as more than 100,000 head for Beaver Stadium.

Route 322 becomes one lane in each direction for awhile. It must be a nightmare. I also wonder about the people who live along Route 322 outside town. How do they go about their normal Saturday business? Or do they just realize they're not going anywhere when the Blue & White are home.

It turned out to be a very busy news weekend as well, even though I was out of town. The Internet does not take days off, and allows me to post news from anywhere.

Early Sunday morning I posted a story about the plane crash in Massachusetts that claimed 7 lives. As my wife and I were at breakfast, my 'news' antenna sensed a buzz in the room (which was packed with news people there to attend the banquet).

I noticed a table of people from the Daily News all talking seriously among themselves.

Of course I couldn't resist. I pulled out my phone and checked Twitter. That's how I first learned that Inquirer-Daily News-Philly.com owner Lewis Katz was among those killed in the crash.

Later I would learn that former governor and Philly Mayor Ed Rendell almost was as well. He was invited by his friend Katz to go along but declined due to a speaking engagement.

My thoughts and prayers to the Katz family. Sad that after a long, and at times bitter battle over control of the newspaper, he will not be here to see the deal finalized.