Another round of church closings

Everyone knew it was coming.

It didn't make the news any easier to take.

We spent a lot of time and effort this weekend detailing the news from the archdiocese that more Delco parishes will be closed or merged.

Parishioners started getting word at the Saturday night Masses, and it continued right through Sunday.

The pain seemed especially sharp at Notre Dame de Lourdes in Ridley, which was thought to be safe. In fact, the expected announcement that several parishes would be merged into them instead was replaced with the stunning news that their beloved parish was closing.

We have full coverage.

I get the feeling this story is not going away. Petition drives already are underway to save the parish.

I fear they will face the same fate as other parishes that questioned the rulings from the archdiocese. In the end, it doesn't change the ruling.


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