At St. Laurence School, they're 'Happy'

We could all use a little more 'Happy' in our lives.

I'm not quite sure what it is, but every time I hear the Pharell Williams' song, my body starts to move, my head starts to bop and my mood improves.

I think that is what music is supposed to do.

'Happy' is something that seems to be in short these days.

Just ask anyone in the embattled Archdiocese of Philadelphia. This weekend they announced the next wave of church closings and mergers. It made a lot of people anything but 'Happy.'

That's why I was delighted to receive an email with a video that was put together by the staff and kids at St. Laurence School in Upper Darby.

A lot of archdiocesan schools have fallen to declining enrollments and budget cuts in recent years. Not St. Laurence. The K-8 school is going strong.

In fact, you might say they're 'Happy.'

Good for them.