Fight goes on at Notre Dame de Lourdes

The good parishioners at Notre Dame de Lourdes are not going down without a fight.

They were stunned to learn just the opposite of what they expected last weekend. Instead of accepting new parishioners from surrounding parishes, they were the ones closing their doors.

They're not happy about it. And they have no plans to go away quietly.

They plan to appeal the ruling, and they are making their voices heard to Archbishop Charles J. Chaput.

They already have gathered hundreds of signatures on petitions seeking to reverse the recommendation.

They will need some luck. It's never happened before. They could ask the folks down at Holy Saviour in Linwood. They were in the same boat last year.

One thing they deserve is an honest, sincere discussion and explanation of why the decision to close Notre Dame de Lourdes was made, when the numbers appear to work in their favor.

Here's our editorial on a very heated, emotional situation.