Orange & Black feeling black & blue

Nothing like rubbing a little salt in the wounds.

First things first.

How weird is it that the Stanley Cup playoffs did not even start until June? We're now in the second week of June, with the official start of summer a little more than a week away, and we're still talking ice hockey.

Just not the Flyers. Remember them? They haven't played a game in more than a month.

Now the team that showed them the door, the New York Rangers, is on the precipice of being swept in the Stanley Cup finals.

Normally, that would ease the angst of the Flyers' faith.

Except this year there is a twist, one that is no doubt leaving the orange and black legions feeling black and blue. The team that is now up 3-0 on the Rangers, just one game from winning the Cup, is the L.A. Kings.

Yes, the very same L.A. Kings that feature two somewhat controversial former Flyers.

And yes, both Mike Richards and Jeff Carter scored last night, more than enough to hold up behind the shutout work of ace goalie Jonathan Quick as the Kings rolled, 3-0, and took a 3-0 lead in the series.

And they did it at Madison Square Garden.

They can seal the deal in New York on Wednesday night.

In the meantime, the Flers ... Oh, never mind. It's golf season.