Two positive stories from the city of Chester

There are not one but two great stories emanating from the city of Chester today.

Don't act so surprised. There are plenty of good stories in the city if you look for them.

First, there is the work being done by Nicole Cogdell, Jonathan Abdur Rahim King and their Community Safe Corridors Program.

Residents are volunteering to take up positions on key corners where violence has been a problem, and the program is already showing results.

You can read our editorial here. Let me sum it up in one word: Bravo!

The other one involves a great opportunity for young people that is being announced today by Widener University. They are awarding college scholarships to kids who are just now heading to high school.

First, the 37 eighth-graders who will graduate from the Widener Partnership Charter School in Chester learned that they would be getting scholarships to attend a Catholic high school from the BLOCS program.

On top of that, Widener plans to bestow on these gifted young people $100,000 scholarships - $25,000 a year - to attend Widener after high school.

It doesn't get much better than that.

Widener University President James Harris will detail the program at the charter school's graduation tonight. Look for full details in tomorrow's Daily Times.