Bob Brady to the rescue?

Things are getting serious in the work stoppage by nurses at Crozer-Chester Medical Center.

How do I know?

U.S. Rep. Bob Brady is getting involved. You can read the details here as the Democratic congressman visited nurses. He was joined by state Rep. Thadddeus Kirkland, D-159, of Chester.

Review any major labor action in the region in the past few years and examine the deal that ended them and you're likely to find a common theme.

That would be the image of the rugged, burly ex-Labor official who now represents much of the city and a sliver of Delaware County as it extends south along the Delaware River.

Nurses at Crozer walked off the job for two days Sunday morning after months of negotiations failed to produce a new contract. They say staffing at the hospital is on the critical list, a charge that Crozer denies, while pointing out that Crozer nurses are the top-paid in the region, with an average annual salary of $103,000. The nurses, by the way, dispute that figure.

As you can see, these two sides don't agree on much.

Among the things they don't see eye to eye on is when nurses could report back to work. The nurses ended their strike Tuesday morning. But Crozer pointed out that to get qualified replacements, they needed to offer a five-day deal to the outside firm. That means the union nurses at Crozer will not be able to get back to work until Friday.

They are planning another rally today.

Unless Brady can pull off a deal.

I wouldn't bet against him.