Upper Darby lays down law with kids causing trouble

Upper Darby top cop Mike Chitwood has a message for the troublemakers who are hell-bent on giving Upper Darby High School a black eye: Knock it off.

Responding to a couple of violent incidents last week, the plain-spoken Chitwood went to the school to deliver the message to kids in person.

He was preaching zero tolerance - and he made it clear who was causing the problems.

"Our concern is that those kids who want to learn have a safe lace to learn," Chitwood said.

Then the chief turned up the heat.

"Those who want to be gangsters will have to deal with the police."

Last week a couple of students were involved in a fight not far from the campus that ended in a stabbing and criminal charges. In addition, a township mother faces charges that she egged on her daughter to settle what appears to have been a bullying incident by duking it out with another girl.

In response, Upper Darby police have increased their presence both before and after school.

It should be noted that this involves a small number of kids. Both Chitwood and school administrators stressed that.

They also want it known that those hell-bent on causing trouble will be dealt with accordingly.

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