Dr. Kelly is at it again

I think maybe I've stumbled on to what Chip Kelly is really doing.

The Eagles coach is trying to put together the best group of injured players in NFL history.

Kelly was at it again yesterday, signing linebacker DeMeco Ryans to a one-year extension. I like Ryans; his teammates call him 'Mufasa' after 'The Lion King' character. He's a born leader. He's also prone to injuries. He missed half the season last year after his second torn Achilles tendon.

And that's not all. The Eagles also are in talks with veteran wide receiver Miles Austin. Again, this is a good thing. The Birds need help at wideout since jettisoning DeSean Jackson and losing Jeremy Maclin to Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs.

But, of course, there is an asterisk. Austin has missed big chunks of the last two seasons with injuries.

He'll have plenty of company. Quarterback Sam Bradford is still rehabbing from his second ACL tear and apparently had to be talked out of retiring by a coach.

So does Kelly know

something the rest of us don't? Does he believe his advanced training regimen and smoothies will keep all these guys on the field. I hope so.

The truth is, I'm not sure Kelly really has a plan, or if he's just flying by the seat of his pants.

All I know is this, something I have stated here before.

He'd better be right.