In Ridley, they gotta have another Wawa!

That didn't take long.

Obviously, Wawa doesn't mess around.

Maybe it's the presence of that upstart Royal Farms, which has recently opened its first locations in the county and is planning several more.

They already are locked in something of a gas war in Ridley, with the Wawa next to the municipal building on Morton Avenue and the nearby Royal Farms store consistently selling gas cheaper than even other local Wawas.

And now Wawa will have some new ammo on the war.

They are in the process of demolishing buildings at the intersection of MacDade Boulevard and Route 420 (Kedron Avenue), across the street from Nifty Fifties. Yes, it will be another super store, complete with gas pumps. Here are the details.

It seems like just a few weeks ago that we took our 'Live From the Newsroom' show to the Delco Let There Be Rock School for a special show featuring Audra McLaughlin.

The school has relocated to a spot on MacDade Boulevard.

The bulldozers have leveled their old home and the rest of the intersection.

You know what they say, Gotta Havva Wawa!

Now if they could just figure out the deal with that proposed store on Baltimore Pike on the eastern edge of Media Borough.