It was a busy night in Delco

One of the things a daily community newspaper strives to do every day - surprisingly enough - is deliver news.

By that I mean things that affect readers' lives - that they likely did not hear about yesterday from other outlets, such as TV or radio.

A lot happened last night in Delco.

Here's a quick look at some of it.

In Media Borough, Council did not take a final vote on the much-talked about Wawa that will anchor the town's eastern border on Baltimore Pike. Is it just me or has this proposal been kicked around forever?

Meanwhile, in the school district, Rose Tree Media teachers approved the tentative contact they've reached with the school district. It now will go to the school board for a similar vote. No doubt this one will be gone over with a fine-tooth comb by the budget hawks who keep very close tabs on spending in the district. They're already making noise about the proposal to renovate the high school's athletic facilities. Expect fireworks over that one at the next board meeting.

Down in Tinicum, a bunch of local officials and emergency responders did a tabletop exercise to simulate something everyone hopes is never necessary - a response to an oil train disaster in the county. We're planning a much more extensive look at what goes into this on Sunday. It's one you won't want to miss.

In Springfield, they held the final meeting in a series of public hearings on plans for a new high school. Once again the place was packed, with the majority of those in attendance urging the board to rein in spending.

And finally out in Haverford, the school board announced they have a new superintendent. It's Dr. Maureen Reusche, who comes from the Cherry Hill School District in New Jersey.

Like I said, a pretty busy night.