Thursday, March 26, 2015

Oh deer! A sure sign of spring

Spring has arrived.

I know this not because they tell us the thermometer will threaten 70 degrees today, even it will be accompanied by rain. Certainly that should wash away the last remnants of snow that are stubbornly hanging on.

Don't worry, temperatures are expected to dip back into the 30s and 40s just in time for the weekend.

That's not how I celebrated the unofficial arrival of spring this morning.

I welcomed back some old friends.

Four-legged ones.

I kind of got a sneak peek at what the drive into the office was going to be like even before I got out of my development. Just one street up from mine, as my headlights peered through some early-morning rain and light fog, I picked up that distinctive glint on the side of the road.

Yep, the deer are back. Three of them, sauntering right through a neighbor's front yard, and of course right in front of my car.

Luckily in the development I'm not going all that fast and was able to stop to let them cross the street.

And they weren't alone. I saw three more before I got out of the development.

My mind immediately raced to Providence Road, the route I take from West Chester Pike across to the Route 1 Media Bypass at Rose Tree. I figured if I was already seeing deer, they'd be out in force on this road, which seems at times to be overrun with these critters. I wasn't wrong.

Instead of just dodging potholes, I spent much of the morning dodging deer as well.

Welcome back, fellas. I missed you.

Yep, spring is here.


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