A sigh of relief for 72 homes in Tinicum

There are 72 families in Tinicum breathing a sigh of relief today.

They are not losing their homes.

That was just one of the important offshoots of the deal that was finalized yesterday to get the Capacity Enhancement Program expansion plan off the ground at Philadelphia International Airport.

They will still have the airport for a neighbor. They will still have the noise and other issues with its neighbor. But at least they will still be neighbors.

An earlier plan that raised the hackles of both residents and local officials called for the airport to acquire 72 homes in Tinicum, displacing 300 residents in the process.

Delaware County, Tinicum and the Interboro School District will see an influx of revenue. They will share an annual payment of $1.86 million. That money was cut off back in 2007 when the dispute over airport expansion first hit the fan.

Tinicum is in line for a $1 million payment a year for 20 years, or until the project is completed.

Interboro also will get a one-time payment of $500,000.

The airport can now move forward with plans to extend a runway by 1,500 feet, as well as modernizing infrastructure and creating additional parking. The runway work is needed to accommodate larger planes that currently can't use the airport.

Philadelphia Michael Nutter indicated the project will bring thousands of construction jobs, as well as permanent positions once the expansion is completed.