Kirkland comes out swinging in Chester mayoral race

The gloves are off in the Chester mayoral race.

After a particularly violent weekend, state Rep. Thaddeus Kirkland came out swinging yesterday in his challenge to incumbent Mayor John Linder in the Democratic Primary.

Kirkland vowed he would go right to the top in attacking the problem of crime and violence in Chester - by replacing Police Commissioner Joe Bail.

You can get all the details here. Kirkland says Bail is out of touch with the community. Obviously, Linder does not see it that way. In the meantime, if you were waiting for a debate between the two sides, forget it. They have been unable to decide on the parameters for such a meeting, to the whole idea has been scrapped.

Full confession here: I was approached to be the moderator of such a debate by the Linder team. I told them I would be happy to do it, so long as both sides came to an agreement on the logistics, such as a location, format, etc. That didn't happen, so I can scratch that one off my schedule.

On our editorial page today, I take the time to note that, while certainly not at the same level, Baltimore is not the only town dealing with violence. It continues to plague cities such as Chester as well. You can read it here.