Winter of (sports) discontent is over: Tanks for the memories, guys

The winter of our (sports) discontent is over.

The Sixers finished Round 2 of their tank-a-palooza campaign by losing at home to the Miami Heat.

You're stunned, I'm sure.

Owner Josh Harris isn't. He spoke before the game and said he sees some progress, if not success. Here's columnist Jack McCaffery's take on what he heard from Harris.

I have a suggestion for the video on the 2014-15 season: Tanks for the Memories.

Coach Brett Brown finally seemed to get something off his chest, noting the difficulty of all the roster changes, referring to them as "gypsies."

"At the end of the day, to coach gypsies, to have to coach a revolving door, that's now what I'm looking for."

Good for him.

We're still not sure exactly what Ron Hextall is looking for in a coach.

The Flyers GM met the media yesterday after the team failed to make the playoffs and said he is not yet ready to make a decision on coach Craig Berube.

If it didn't exactly sound like an endorsement, it wasn't supposed to be.

So we move on to spring. Oh, by the way, the Phillies got swept by the Mets last night. The only consistent thing about this team the last couple of years is that they are incapable of timely hitting. They went 2-for-16 with runners in scoring position.

No wonder all anyone wants to talk about around here is Chip Kelly.