No Utley, but we still have Larry Bowa

Chase Utley is gone, but we still have Larry Bowa.

Long before we fell in love with Utley - specifically the way he played the game - there was Bowa.

Nothing came easy for Bowa, from the time Phillies Manager Gene Mauch belittled him as not being a major league hitter.

But Bowa persisted, and he became beloved here for the 'blue-collar' way he played the game.

In other words, he was Utley before there was Utley.

He carried that same red streak with him into the coach's and manager's jobs, a trait that did not always go over so well with players. But it never went out of favor with the fans.

That vein that always seemed to be bulging out of Bowa's neck was back in action last night.

The Phillies have been upset with the way the Mets have been pitching in this series. Specifically, they believe they're being quick-pitched, with the Mets delivering to the plate before Phils' batters are ready.

It happened again last night.

Bowa had seen enough.

The fiery bench coach went ballistic and managed to get himself kicked out of the game. The Phils went on to lose again to the Mets, 6-5.

The Phillies season flat-lined a long time ago.

But it's good to see some things don't change.

Nothing wrong with Larry Bowa's pulse.