Will Kelly play Sam? He's not saying

There's nothing simple about Chip Kelly.

The man who has acquired the title "genius" enjoys the mental gymnastics he plays with the media and fans.

Last week Kelly threw cold water all over fans' anticipation of seeing Sam Bradford - and his twice-reconstructed left knee - in the Eagles' preseason opener vs. the Colts.

Kelly assured everyone that there was nothing wrong with Bradford, that this was simply his call and he was being cautious with the guy he has anointed his franchise quarterback.

Bradford was disappointed, giving him something in common with fans, and both Kelly and Bradford pointed to tomorrow night's Game 2 of the exhibition season for Bradford's debut.

There's just one problem with that.

Yesterday, Kelly would not confirm that Bradford will in fact play on Saturday night. The coach told the media he still hadn't decided whether to put Bradford in some live action.

Bradford is not wearing a brace. He has not missed a practice or workout. He is champing at the bit to get in, take that first hit, get back up and restart his promising career that has kept him off the field for most of the last two years.

Remember, this guy was the No. 1 pick in the draft.

The only thing keeping him off the field right now is his coach.

And Chip Kelly isn't saying.

I think Bradford will start Saturday night's game, and it would be nice if Kelly would simply tell everyone if that's the case.

But there is nothing simple about the Birds' boss. And he seems to like it that way.