A Grad Tab correction

It's time once again to step into the confessional.

Bless me father ....

Oh, wait, that's a different pew.

One of the things I get to do every day as the editor of the newspaper is deal with the ticklish area of mistakes. Yes, we make them. You're shocked, I know.

Yesterday I mentioned our efforts in one of my favorite projects of the year. It's called the Grad Tab, in which we tackle the arduous task of attempting to list the names of every high school graduate in Delaware County.

Inevitably we run into problems.

Some schools take forever to get us the lists. Yes, these are the very same people who always complain that we never run any good news about young people.

Others note the disparity in coverage, why some schools' photos ran bigger than theirs, or why their list was confined to a black-and-white page.

Of course, sometimes we create our own problems.

And that brings me to this fairly public correction.

One of the very first emails (of the several hundreds I receive every day) was from a representative of Sun Valley High School. She pointed out to me a problem with their list and photos. Yeah, you might say that.

We flipped the names under the two photos, so they wound up being misidentified.

We ran a correction on Page Two today, but did not have room for the two photos, which does not seem to correct the error.

So I am running the two photos here in my blog, along with an apology to the two great young men.

Above is Nicholas Garvey, the Sun Valley valedictorian. Below is Michael Costigan.

As I said yesterday, we take a great amount of pride in delivering this annual salute to the Delco's graduating high school seniors. This seminal moment in their lives may just be the only time their names appear in the newspaper.

Once again, kudos to the Class of 2016. We're proud of you, and proud to list your name and photos in the newspaper.

Even when we flip the IDs on your names.


Anonymous said…
Glad to see they are proudly wearing their National Honor Society sashes.