A hero is remembered at the Hero Bowl

Perhaps never has a football game been more appropriately named.

We're not talking about the Super Bowl.

We're talking about the affair held last night at Cardinal O'Hara High School. The Hero Bowl, pitting the best high school football players from Delaware County in an all-star contest, draws its name from its purpose. All proceeds from the game are used for education scholarships for the children of police and firefighters killed in the line of duty.

Before last night's kickoff, those in attendance once again were reminded of just what a hero is.

The family of Jacai Colson was honored. Colson was a star athlete at Chichester High School. He once played in this very game.

But his family members gathered at last night's 40th rendition of the affair in his memory.

Colson was a member of the police department in Landover, Md. He was killed in a shootout back in March. Police believe he put himself into the line of fire, drawing potential fire away from others, when an armed gunman attacked the police building.

You can read about this very special night here, courtesy of Bob Grotz.

There were a lot of heroes at Cardinal O'Hara last night.

None more visible than the Colson family, and the memory of their loved one who was not among them.

Rest well, Jacai.

You have not been forgotten by your friends back in Delaware County.