A new era for animal control in Delco

It is the witching hour for animal control in Delaware County.

Today, June 1, marks the end of the contract the county's Animal Control Board had with the SPCA out in Chester County for animal control services.

Basically, the county is getting out of the animal control business.

That gives them something in common with the Delaware County SPCA. The organization, now renamed as Providence Animal Center, put this conundrum into play several years ago when they announced they were getting out of the animal control business to fulfill their mission to be a "no-kill facility."

That left the county in a lurch. An initial plan for the county to build its own facility didn't pan out. In short, it was going to be outrageously expensive.

That's when the county set up the Animal Control Board and entered into an agreement with the SPCA out in Chester County. That entity itself has now been renamed as the Brandywine Valley SPCA.

But that also proved an expensive proposition for the county, when too often they were left footing the bill for the municipalities. So the county announced a few months back that it would terminate their deal with the Chester County agency and dissolve the Animal Control Board.

Basically, the county was putting the ball in the municipalities' laps.

So what are they doing about it.

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