Another honor for 'Wild Bill'

We've spent a lot of time this week detailing the efforts of soldiers in preserving our way of life.

That's why something that happened yesterday in Philadelphia was so timely - and well deserved.

Rack up another honor for 'Wild Bill' Guarnere.

The legendary South Philly resident, along with Edward ‘Babe’ Heffron, had a section of Columbus Avenue named after them. Mayor Jim Kenney, along with several members of the Guarnere clan - many of whom reside right here in Delco - were on hand for the unveiling of the designation. State Rep. Bill Keller, D-184, was the driving force behind the move.

Last year we hosted one of our 'Live From the Newsroom' shows at the new Delaware County Veterans Monument in Newtown Square when they unveiled a lifesize statue of Wild Bill. We also covered the affair when they unveiled the statue of Wild Bill.

Guarnere and Heffron served in World War II as part of the legendary group that was immortalized in the book and TV mini-series 'Band of Brothers.' They served with Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, in the 101st Airborne.

The street designation is perfect for two men whose exploits during World War II exemplified heroism.

In other words, they didn't call him 'Wild Bill' for nothing.

Wild Bill may be gone, but he will forever be a part of both South Philly and now Delaware County as well with these two well-earned h honors.