No end to Chester's violence

The toll keeps rising in Chester.

Yes, the city has suffered another homicide. That marks the 12th homicide in 2016, an average of more than two a month. There have been 18 homicides in the entire county.

The danger here - aside from the obvious - is that people become immune to what is happening on Chester's streets. All you have to do is look at the comments posted on stories about the violence in Chester posted on, or go through Facebook or other social media.

Too many people are now shrugging their shoulders about what is happening in Chester.

That's why what will happen June 16 is so important.

You might remember that last week the city, in conjunction with the Justice Department, announced a complete review of the city police department.

A public hearing will be held Thursday, June 16, from 6-8 p.m. in Alumni Auditorium at Widener University. The goal of the listening session is to get feedback from the community on how the Chester Police Department can improve trust and build relationships within the community.

It also might serve as an opportunity for the citizens of Chester to talk about what is going on in their city. And what can be done to stop the violence.