Fiscal reality in Harrisburg

On our editorial page today, we're wondering what they are putting in the water out in Harrisburg.

First the Legislature signed off on bringing our archaic laws concerning the sale of alcohol at least partially out of the Dark Ages.

No, it's not privatization. But at least you'll be able to buy a bottle of wine in some supermarkets.

Gov. Tom Wolf, not exactly a fan of doing away with the LCB, quickly signed this measure into law.

Then the governor did a reverse on his latest budget projections.

Wolf now is saying he will abandon the huge round of tax hikes he is seeking to bankroll a planned boost in spending. The governor now says he can accomplish much of what he wants without increasing the sales and personal income tax.

Will that lead to an on-time budget next week.

That remains to be seen.

In the meantime, let's call this a fiscal reality check.

You can read our editorial here.