How we got those Sun Valley pictures

I hope a lot of people from Sun Valley High School and the Penn-Delco School District pick up the paper today.

I hope they are pleased to find one of their graduates featured on our front page and a full page of photos inside.

Of course, they might be wondering why this display was not in the Wednesday paper, since the Sun Valley graduation ceremonies took place Tuesday night.

Let me try to explain.

As most readers know, we make ever effort to cover all of the major public and parochial high school graduation ceremonies. This year we approached that task a little differently. Instead of stories, we compiled info boxes on each ceremony and did photo packages.

Everything was going smoothly - at least as smoothly as anything goes in this business - until Tuesday night, when we had a scheduling snafu. In short, a person who was supposed to be taking the photos at the Sun Valley graduation never got the word. Bottom line? We dropped the ball. No photos from Sun Valley appeared in the Daily Times or on Wednesday.

The first thing I did Wednesday morning was email Christa Fazio, the public relations coordinator at Penn-Delco and offer my apologies. Christa and I had gone over the procedures and I assured her we would have a photographer there.

Then I did something else, something we find ourselves doing quite a bit these days in the news business. I asked her if the school had photos we could use.

That is how we got the display that appears on Page 19 of the newspaper today.

My thanks to Christa for saving the day.

And again my apologies to the graduates at Sun Valley.

And a reminder. Our grad tab, listing the names of local high school graduates, will appear next Tuesday.