Cheers! No whining about this move by Gov. Wolf

Let me be the first to propose a toast to Gov. Tom Wolf.

So he has problems with that budget thing.

And he doesn't see eye to eye with the Legislature when it comes to taxes or revenue.

But the governor wasted little time yesterday in putting his signature on a bill that would knock some of the dust off Pennsylvania's archaic regulations on the sales of alcohol.

'I have every confidence that this is a good thing for Pennsylvania," the Democrat said of a measure that will allow supermarkets that already sell beer to add wine by the bottle. It also would make it easier for convenience stores to sell six-packs of beer. He's not going to get any arguments for me.

Actually, he will, but I'll still take this.

You might recall I am one of the state's leading proponents of getting Pennsylvania out of the booze business. I want to blow up the Liquor Control Board and turn the whole process over to private enterprise.

That notion, as you might imagine, is anathema to union leaders who fear the loss of jobs.

That's one of the reasons Wolf has consistently opposed privatization.

Make no mistake. This is not privatization. The state stores are not going away. Neither is the Liquor Control Board. In fact, this does not have any effect on the sale of spirits at all.

Still, it's long overdue.

Raise a glass, Pennsylvania.