Our salute to the Class of 2016

At first glance it probably doesn't seem like all that much.

Just a collection of names.

But they're not just any names.

They are the Class of 2016.

Today in the print edition of the Daily Times, we present our annual Grad Tab. In it we list the names of just about every high school graduate in Delaware County.

How many names is that?

Well, here's an indication of what we were up against.

Upper Darby High School bestowed diplomas on 850 graduates. There are 14 other public high schools in the county, not to mention three archdiocesan high schools and a smattering of private schools.

In other words, it's a pretty tall task.

I am sure not everyone will be happy with the presentation.

We'll take those complaints with a grain of salt. It goes with the territory.

It will not diminish our zeal to offer a final salute to kids on one of life's seminal moments.

For many, it may very well be the last time their name appears in the paper. At least until we run their obituary. We of course hope that is decades away.

For others, no doubt the wait won't be nearly as long. They will do something - perhaps something notorious - that will merit them once again gracing our pages.

It is the nature of news. People doing what they are supposed to do is not really news.

Except for today.

Kudos to the Class of 2016. We're proud of you, and proud to list your name in today's paper.