Sheetz hits the fan for Wawa lovers

Sheetz happens.

That's right, Wawa fans. The Sheetz is about to hit the fan.

We love our Wawa, the convenience store with its deep roots right here in Delaware County.

But their long-running competition with their counterpart in the central part of the state is about to heat up.

The long and "Shorti" of it is that a new poll Conducted by Public Policy Polling is tipping the scales to Sheetz in terms of just what is Pennsylvania's favorite convenience store.

The new poll shows 45 percent of Pennsylvanians are in the Sheetz corner, while Wawa got the nod from just 35 percent of those polls. Another 20 percent were not sure which store deserved their loyalty.

This reverses a poll last year that put Wawa on top.

Wawa, which of course started on a family farm in Chester Heights and takes its distinctive name and logo from the Canada goose that is native to this area, runs 700 stores along the East Coast and is making a big expansion in Florida. Sheetz operates 500 outlets

. Wawa will be making news here in Delco Friday with the opening of their new store at Route 420 and MacDade Boulevard in Ridley. This one is special because of the fact that it will replace the store's original No. 1 location.