Talking about House Bill 1947 at 4

Happy Father's Day!

I will celebrate today by joining my lead Sunday columnist, Christine Flowers, on the radio to talk about, in a way, the "sins of the father."

In other words, we again will be talking about the Catholic church, the priest child sexual abuse scandal, and specifically a piece of legislation that continues to make waves here in Pennsylvania.

House Bill 1947 - the measure that would extend the window for victims of child sexual abuse to file civil actions against their abusers - continues to make news.

It continues to be opposed by the Catholic church, among others, while shining a spotlight on many local state representatives who are supporting it.

This week Bruce Castor, the new solicitor general in Kathleen Kane's attorney general office, testified before the state Senate Judiciary Committee that he believed the "retroactivity" language in the bill, going back and making people liable now for something they were not liable for at the time, is clearly unconstitutional.

I'll join Christine on her WPHT Big Talker 1210-AM radio show at 4 p.m. to talk about this very controversial piece of legislation.

If you haven't listened in to my new podcasts and are dying to hear what I sound like, this is your chance. Luckily, I have a face that was made for radio, just as in the newspaper.

Talk to you at 4.