Welcome home, Officer Dorman

We used our editorial page today to talk about a Delco legend.

Actually, THE #DelcoLegend.

That, of course, would be Chris Dorman. He's the Folcroft cop who was shot seven times after responding to a report of drug activity.

It's still hard to believe that three days later, Dorman was headed home again.

Chris Dorman's story tells you a lot about Delaware County. But it also tells you the value of community service.

That's all Dorman has ever wanted to do. He was a volunteer firefighter and was seeing his dream of being a policeman come true.

We almost lost that in a hail of bullet last Friday.

But at the same time we gained something we too often lose sight of, an honest-to-god hero.

Welcome home, Officer Dorman.

You can read our editorial here.

For our complete coverage of the way Folcroft turned out to welcome Dorman home, including videos and a slideshow of images, click here. You can read our editorial here.