Yes, we covered the Carpenter Cup

One of the things I love about our readers is that they are not exactly shy about sharing their opinions.

That is especially true when it comes to sports parents.

Yes, you know who you are.

Earlier this week I got a phone call from a gentleman with a gentle reminder.

He wanted to remind me that the Carpenter Cup would be getting under way Monday. That's the tournament that features the best baseball and softball players pitted against each other in an All-Star format, with kids from the suburbs facing squads made up of kids from the city.

Actually, this dad had something else in mind.

He correctly figured that we'd be all over the Carpenter Cup with our coverage. He was correct.

But he wanted to remind me that there was a group of Delco girls from Catholic League teams who were actually competing with the Philadelphia Catholic League squad.

We indeed did have a story noting their accomplishments the next day.

He didn't call back to offer his thanks for the story.

They usually don't, and that's OK. I'm always happy when readers take the time to remind me of something important going on in the county, in particular when it gives us the opportunity to give some good ink to kids doing good things.

That is almost always the case in sports.

Make sure you check out our Carpenter Cup coverage today, which dominates the Back Page of the print edition, as well as our sports section online and our high school sports page,

It sure beats talking about the Phillies!