Again, and again, and again

I realize some readers might do a double-take when they glance at today's front page.

No, we did not lead the paper with the latest gun madness in this country. This time it was Baton Rouge. Again the target was police officers. In a cowardly ambush attack, a man armed with a rifle shot and killed three officers, and wounded three others, one critically.

The story certainly is noted on our front page, but it is not our lead item. We did place the story in the lead spot on Page 3. That should not diminish its importance.

I couldn't very well use the first reaction I had to news of the shooting.


I already used that front page headline a few weeks ago.

That is what we do in this country these days.

We now walk on eggshells, waiting for the next mass shooting incident.

We mourn those lost.

Then we wait for it to happen again.

I don't know what the answer is.

But I am damn tired of reporting these stories.

I wonder what it will take to end this carnage, to stop this mindset that equates a gun with justice.

Until it happens again.