All Quiet on the Eagles front

Maybe the most interesting conversation in Philly sports right now is the one that is not taking place.

The big topic of talk if whether Sixers' top draft pick Ben Simmons should be playing in the team's Summer League series out in Las Vegas. Simmons was held out again last night after sitting the game before that as well. It would seem if nothing else the team is missing a key opportunity to push their brand, what likely will be the face of their franchise, and frankly, to sell some tickets.

The Phillies don't get back into action from their All-Star break until tonight.

What's stark is that 10 days before training camp, there is very little buzz about the Eagles.

Does that mean people are wary of new coach Doug Pederson. Are they turned off by the talk that new No. 1 pick and 2nd pick overall Carson Wentz likely will not even suit up for most games this year?

Usually the Eagles are the colossus of Philly sports. They are a 365-day-a-year story.

Not this year.

It's the Dog Days of Summer.

Are Eagles fans afraid this team is going to be the dog of the NFC East?

The silence is deafening.