Conventions are over; what happened to summer?

Well, that was a fairly momentous two weeks.

The Republicans nominated an outsider - real estate mogul and reality TV show start Donald Trump in their attempts to wrest the White House from Democrats.

The Dems made a little splash themselves - making Hillary Clinton the first woman ever nominated for the presidency by a major party - right here in Philadelphia.

But I don't want to talk about any of that this morning.

I want to talk about something else, something, at least to me, can be just as important.

Is it just me or have the two conventions sucked much of the air out of my favorite time of year.

What happened to summer?

To long days and nights lounging in a chair, with nothing to do and all day to do it?

I have not been to the beach yet. Maybe that's the problem.

But to me summer is serious business. On Monday we will put July in the rear-view mirror and plunge headlong into August. The Eagles have reported to training camp. I am seeing Back to School circulars in the Sunday paper.

And yes, I have noticed that it already appears to be getting darker a little earlier each night. I know, I am the insane guy sitting out on the porch, luxuriating in the heat and humidity as I peruse the newspaper.

The conventions were important - and this year in particular, historic - events.

I hope you enjoyed our expanded coverage of the Democrats, right here in Philly. We hunted down as many local angles as we could find. But don't forget to take the time in the next couple of weeks to enjoy summer.

Then it will on to November. Hillary vs. Donald. Heaven help us.