Farewell to Primos

This is going to be a very strange day at the Daily Times.

Because it is going to be our last one - at least here in beautiful downtown Primos.

We're moving to new digs in Swarthmore, actually it's in Springfield Township. I'll have more on that little oddity in my Monday column.

In the meantime, we are busy packing and salvaging decades of memories from the place most of us have wistfully called "the miracle on Mildred Avenue."

The Daily Times first arrived here in this little corner of Upper Darby Township back in 1976. I arrived here in 1982. I have been walking through the doors here for 34 years.

I won't try to recount the memories here, the stories, and some of the in-house intrigue that this old place has housed. Let's just say that some of the things that happened in here - which did not make the newspaper - were as interesting as the stories that did.

Among the many things we will miss will be our own personal Wawa - yes, I still hold a spot in my heart for those old stores that did not have gas pumps and all the other amenities. I have always enjoyed the fact that we could walk a block away to the Wawa, thus missing the most dangerous place to drive in Delco - a Wawa parking lot.

Most of all I will miss all the people who have come through this building.

They were, simply, the best, people who cared deeply about what they did and the product we delivered every day.

Now it's on to Swarthmore.

So long Primos. Thanks for the memories.

For a place that doesn't really exist, you were a great "home."


Anonymous said…
Great luck on your move and to 34 more years at the Daily Times
Anonymous said…
Good luck but I'm sad.