Freedom isn't free

Before we put the Independence Day holiday out of our mind, a reminder in case you missed it about my Monday print column.

I used it to offer one more salute to wounded Folcroft Officer Chris Dorman.

I have received several emails from residents of Folcroft and others around Delco congratulating us for our extensive coverage of the Dorman story. I always respond to such messages graciously. That really is the role of a community newspaper.

But in my opinion, the Dorman story was especially appropriate for July 4 because it reinforces a fast depleting but crucial aspect of the freedom we celebrate.

Yes, I know all about how "freedom isn't free."

But to be fully engaged it costs something most of us are no longer willing to spend - our time.

Community service - the kind that saw Chris Dorman put his life on the line - is one of our fastest declining natural resources.

Dorman was there in Folcroft for the July 4 festivities yesterday, as the photo that runs along with this blog item notes.

And if you missed my Monday print column, you can read it here.

Thanks again, Officer Dorman.

No, freedom isn't free.

Thanks for reminding us.