Is there anything better than a summer thunder & lightning storm?

It is one of my favorite aspects of summer.

There is something incredibly soothing about lying in bed on a steamy summer night as Mother Nature provides her own fireworks show via a thunderstorm.

Of course, when I was a kid, you would lay in bed with the windows open and get the full effect of the storm, with flashes of lightning lighting up the room for a split second, then returning you to darkness as the rain pounded down. And yes, I used to count from the time you saw the lightning to the follow-up boom of thunder. The saying was that was how many miles away the lightning struck.

Today, despite my protests, my wife prefers air-conditioning to such sweltering summer delights.

The drive in this morning also was a bit of a show, with an occasional lightning strike illuminating the early-morning darkness.

I can live without the rain, but the show is worth the bother.

Looks like we better get used to these soupy conditions.

For most people, this is the bane of summer. Not me. I love it. The hotter, the stickier, the better I like it. I saw on the front porch last night when you could literally see the steam rising from the wet ground after another downpour.

The only thing missing was the lack of a Phillies game for the radio.

We're under a heat advisory starting this afternoon and right through Thursday night. They tell me the "real-feel" temperature will be in triple digits. Some day maybe someone will explain to me just what a "real-feel" temperature is. Probably right after I locate those mythical "northern and western suburbs."

Heat? Humidity? Bring it on.

Check out the full weather report here.