SEPTA shuffles regional rail schedules

SEPTA - and its riders - can only hope things get better this week.

Last night the troubled transit agency put out new schedules for its regional rail lines, a week after it was forced to shelve one third of its Silverliner V fleet because of serious structural defects found during an examination of the rail cars.

The result has been about what you might expect: Long delays, packed train cars, and cars already filled zipping past crowds waiting at many train stations.

I used my Monday print column today to talk about the Summer of Discontent for SEPTA's regional rail riders.

Also you can go here to learn about the schedules for the Media Elwyn line and the Wilmington regional rail line here in Delco.

SEPTA has reached out to other transit agencies and is adding some cars that will provide an additional 1,700 seats starting with the Monday morning rush hour.

SEPTA has revised schedules on all 13 of its regional rail lines in an effort to lessen the pain.

We'll be out there today to see if today's schedules ease the commuting pain on the rails.