Stay with us for live coverage of Day Two of regional rail mess

Brace yourself, SEPTA riders. You've been warned.

If you thought things could not get worse after yesterday's bumpy Day One of the great regional rail slowdown, SEPTA GM Jeff Knueppel has some bad news.

It very likely will be worse today.

That's because a lot more people are expected to try to access the system today after the long Independence Day holiday weekend.

Yesterday we heard from lots of commuters dealing with delays on the regional rails, trains already packed to the gills blowing past some riders left stranded at stations, and those who could get on train cars dealing with seriously crowded conditions.

And now it's going to get worse.

You can read our report on how yesterday went here.

As far as today is concerned, we're once again looking for you to share your stories on the commute from hell. Use the hashtag #septatrouble and we'll pick up your story in our live blog. You can follow along here.

On our editorial page today, we credited SEPTA with at least being up front with commuters about the daunting task facing the transit agency - as well as harried riders.

SEPTA has been forced to take 120 rail cars out of its regional rail fleet - that's about a third of the entire service. That means regional rails that normally ferry 65,000 commuters in and out of the city every day now likely will be capable at best of handling 35-40,000.

That leaves a lot of people out in the cold - or perhaps better stated this brutal heat.

And if you don't like what you're looking at today, the rest of the summer does not look like it is going to bring a lot of relief.

This is not something that can be fixed easily, although SEPTA did indicate yesterday they were looking into acquiring more rail cars to supplement those still in service.

For now, the summer of riders' discontent continues on the regional rails. And we plan to be there every step of the way with you. Tell us what you are seeing out there.

Use the #septatrouble hashtag.