The Daily Numbers for Thursday, July 14

The Daily Numbers: 400 foot fall from a trail at the Grand Canyon that led to the death of a Delco native.

35, how old Colleen Burns was.

96, age of Bunny Implazo, who still volunteers 5 days a week in Springfield.

31 billion dollar state budget plan now in effect in Pa.

1.3 billion dollar revenue package that got the OK yesterday.

200 million dollar loan from state medical malpractice insurance fund.

116-75 vote in favor of the deal in the House.

28-22 vote in the Senate.

600 million dollars now on its way to state universities Pitt, Penn State, Temple, Lincoln and Penn Veterinary School.

1 dollar a pack increase in tobacco tax.

2.60 a pack tax, up from the current 1.60.

430 million dollars, what that will raise for the state.

149 million dollars coming in from allowing supermarkets to sell wine.

100 million dollars from internet gambling that will be coming in the fall.

93 degree high temperature today as we kick off an extended excessive heat warning.

100 degrees plus, what the real-feel temps will be like the next few days.

0-0, or I suppose I should say nil-nil tie for Union with the Crystal Palace in friendly match in Chester last night.

Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.

One more day until we see if the Phils can pick up where they left off before the All-Star break. Hopefully they’ll still be as hot as the weather.

I Don’t Get It: Pokemon Go, nope. Still don’t get it.

Today’s Upper: Kudos to Ruth ‘Bunny’ Implazo, still volunteering five days a week at the age of 96.

Quote Box: “I love people.”

- Bunny Implazo.