There is always a Delco connection

It is one of the things I am always stressing to my staff.

Any time there is a big national story, I always stress to them to be alert for a local angle. Inevitably, the story works its way back to Delaware County.

It happened again this week, with tragic results.

I didn't really think of it the first time I heard the incredible story of the woman who fell 400 feet to her death from a trail at the Grand Canyon.

My initial interest in the story was purely personal. I've been on some of the trails, and I always marveled at how easy it would be to topple off the side.

It did not take long for the story to hit home - literally here in Delco.

Colleen Burns was a Delco native, she grew up in Morton and was a graduate of Cardinal O'Hara High School.

She moved to Orlando a few years ago, where she was a Yelp executive.

She was just 35.

Staff writer Patti Mengers got the task of tracking down those who knew and loved Burns for their reaction to this incredibly sad story.

It did not take long.

You can read Patti's story here.