4.3 million reasons Delco needs action from Legislature

We used our editorial page today to note that Delaware County has a very big problem.

In fact, you might say they have $4.3 million of them.

That's how much revenue is now missing from the Delaware County budget. That revenue stems from the 'host agreement' between Harrah's Casino down in Chester and the city and county.

A recent state Supreme Court ruling KO'd the agreement, agreeing with smaller, boutique-style casinos who argued that the host agreements in effect set up unequal playing fields in terms of taxation.

Funny, that never seemed to bother the state or the courts when it comes to education funding, but that's another story. In the meantime, Delaware County Councilmen John McBlain and Mario Civera took a road trip to Harrisburg last week to testify before a House committee and express just how dire the situation is.

The county uses that money to fund a lot of very good social programs, and that money is now MIA.

Adding to the problem is the fact that the Legislature has only a couple more days left to address the problem.

You can read the editorial here.