Friday, October 14, 2016

A discussion about police

It can't be easy being a cop these days.

Two recent events that took place in Delaware County are certainly evidence of that.

Nearly 100 Darby Police officers and their supporters took to the streets of Media to show their outrage over the postings and actions of a clerk in Darby Regional Court.

Then there is something that took place inside a courtroom in the County Courthouse. Darrell Burt was in court to be sentenced for his role in an altercation that led to the shooting of Ridley Park Police Cpl. Marc Hanly.

But Burt wasn't being sentenced for that. Instead he got two years probation for separate reckless endangering charges.

Police did the same thing their nemesis in Darby Court did when that verdict came in - they went online and vented their outrage on social media.

All of this is part of the needed discussion when it comes to communities and their police.

This is not meant to point an accusatory finger at anyone. It's meant to further the discussion.

That's why we wrote this editorial.


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