A 'wintry mix' Halloween fright

Our fearless local weather forecasters are offering their own version of a Halloween fright this morning.

And they are sprinkling it with a certain four-letter word. No, not the one that starts with the same letter as "flurries."

I'm talking about snow.

Apparently there is a chance of a 'wintry mix' this morning.

In the Poconos.

Which of course is about 2 hours and change from here.

But if it means a chance to jump the gun on winter weather, that means they have now become part of the Philly suburbs.v I guess I can now add it to the list of why I hate winter. Now that I think of it, I'm not all that keen on Halloween either.

It's dark when I drive into the office. Now it's practically dark when I leave. It's cold. I am struggling to honor my annual pledge not to don a winter coat before Thanksgiving.

It is expected to rain here this afternoon. That won't exactly brighten the mood.

But, hey, it could be worse. It could be a 'wintry mix.'

I think we'll survive without stocking up on bread and milk.

How many days until Memorial Day?