He's not standing 'Pat' on Trump

Pat Meehan is not standing "pat" on Donald Trump.

A couple of weeks ago the incumbent Republican 7th District congressman called on the man leading the GOP ticket to get out of the race after a decade-old video surfaced of Trump making lewd, vulgar remarks about women.

Trump is sticking around, but he's not going to get Meehan's vote.

In an interview with the Inquirer's editorial board, Meehan indicated he would cast his vote for Trump's running mate, writing in the name of Gov. Mike Pence.

Meehan represents the bulk of Delaware County, along with slivers of Chester, Montgomery and even Berks counties in the bizarre jigsaw the encompasses the 7th District. It is often seen as Exhibit A in the pitfalls of redistricting. Once considered a toss-up district, it is now believed to be solidly Republican, thanks to its new shape, formed to take advantage of Republican strongholds.

Meehan is being opposed by Democrat Mary Ellen Balchunis, a retired La Salle College professor.

Meehan was vocal in his disgust for Trump's comments about women.

“This sort of vile talk is appalling, it’s offensive, and there’s no place in public or private for it," Meehan said. "It’s simply wrong.”

He said Trump was "not the right leader" for the GOP.

“Millions of Americans oppose Hillary Clinton’s liberal, progressive agenda, but it’s clear that Donald Trump is not the right leader for the fight against it,” Meehan said in the interview.

“For the good of the country, the Republican Party, and his family, I hope he’ll step aside and end his candidacy for president so that we can come together as a party and defeat Hillary Clinton,” Meehan said.

Meehan becomes the first member of the Pennsylvania delegation to indicate that he will not vote for his party's nominee, instead writing in the name of running mate Mike Pence.