Nothing boo-tiful about it

Happy Halloween!

Unless, of course, you happen to be an Eagles fan.

Or a SEPTA rider.

Or someone who is tired of political ads.

Or a newspaper editor.

Here's a quick confession. Halloween is one of my least favorite holidays. Somewhere along the line, I lost my taste for dressing up in costumes and trick-or-treating. Oh, I used to like it when the kids were little. I would usually take the day off. My wife and I would split the duties, one of us would squire the kids around the neighborhood, the other would man the fort and hand out 'treats.'

But once the kids stopped taking part, the charm quickly wore off.

Yes, I am including my job description on this year's fright list.

It goes with the territory that Trick-or-Treat precedes by a few days another treat - voters going to the polls.

For me that means complaints, usually coming from both sides, that we are tilting in the other direction.

The Dems here in Delco are convinced that we are in the pocket of the local GOP.

Of course the Delco GOP says we do everything in our power to paint them as the villain and rarely ever print anything critical of the Democrats.

I guess they have never heard of The Kane Scrutiny.

I use my Monday print column to talk about it.


That would be the Halloween kind, not the kind usually embraced by leather-lunged Eagles fans.

But don't expect a lot of chipper folks in the workplace this morning.

We are tired, from a killer OT Sunday night prime time loss by the Eagles.

We are worried that the city's transit system could be halted by a labor strike, making getting anywhere in the city a real problem.

And we continue to count down until the election, now just eight days away.