Tavia is still a champion

There's nothing I like better than a good success story.

Yes, I know that might sound a bit odd to those who gaze at the mayhem that tends to dominate our front page every day.

I always remind people that there are other stories in the paper besides crime.

Take Tavia Isaac, for example.

The Chester youth became one of my favorite stories - and front pages - of the year when she snagged the title on the Food Network's 'Chopped Jr.' reality cooking show.

The young chef and her beaming countenance popped up on one of my favorite front pages of all time.

It simply showed her great smile and a single word: 'Champion.'

That was about a month ago.

We wondered what Tavia has been up to since becoming something of a local celebrity, and, of course, the pride of Chester and Delaware County.

Peg DeGrassa caught up with Tavia for an update. Make sure you read the story here.

Tavia's story is important for several reasons. For me, it's personal. It take a lot of heat for the way the city of Chester is often presented in the pages of the Daily Times and on DelcoTimes.com. So, yes, I can admit that I will go out of my way looking for good news coming out of the city.

You'll look a long time before you find a better story that Tavia Isaac.

Keep an eye on this whiz kid. She's going places.