The Daily Numbers for Thursday, Oct. 27

The Daily Numbers: 51,000 videos and images seized from Marple teen at center of upskirt controversy.

19, age of Vincent Kane, who now faces a slew of charges.

1947, as in House Bill 1947, which never made it to the House floor for a vote yesterday.

10 days, how long after he was initially charged and placed on leave, before John Nagl was reinstated as headmaster at the Haverford School.

1 of October, when SEPTA’s unions are vowing to hit the bricks, sidelining all bus, trolley and subway service. The Market-Frankford El also would go down, but regional rails would remain in service.

350 million dollar budget still being put together by Delco officials, who are trying to figure out what to do about $4.3 million in casino revenue that might not be replaced.

34 dollar tax hike in the works out in Chester County.

1 woman and 2 pets who died when fire hit her home in Birmingham Township.

1 person killed in fire in a Lansdowne apartment.

401-k style retirement plan for new state employees under considered in Harrisburg. The House never took action on it.

2.6 billion dollars over 32 years, how much the plan was predicted to save in the state’s public employee pension crisis.

845 dollars in restitution and probation for woman linked to Philly D.A. Seth Williams who slashed the tires on several city cars.

15 percent boost in profits at Comcast.

3 percent decline in the company stock.

50,000 SEPTA workers in the city who could go on strike Oct. 1.

0 buses, trolleys and subways that would operate in the city. Market-Frankford El also would go down. Suburban service and regional rails also would keep running.

103-97 loss for the Sixers in their opener to the Thunder.

20 points in 22 minutes in a spectacular debut for Joel Embiid in the loss.

32 points and 12 rebounds for Russell Westbrook to lead the Thunder.

3-1 loss for the Union in playoff tilt vs. Toronto last night, ending their season.

win for the Cubs over the Indians in World Series last night.

1-1 deadlock as the Series heads to Chicago.

Call me a Phanatic: A look at the ups and downs of being a Philadelphia sports fan.

Joel Embiid had a great night, but everyone is talking about the pre-game rendition of the National Anthem, who sang it , who did not, and why. Swell.

I Don’t Get It: Another ugly scene from a fan at court side last night who decided to give Westbrook a double-finger salute. Nice.

Today’s Upper: Kudos to Haverford School, for doing the right thing and reinstating headmaster John Nagl.

Quote Box: “I am not quitting.”

Rep. Mark Rozzi, D-Berks, after another setback for House Bill 1947, to give victims of sex abuse their day in court.