Toomey again feels the elephant in the room

They held the second debate in the contentious Pennsylvania U.S. Senate race last night.

Pat Toomey went toe to toe with Katie McGinty - and her running mate.

Yes, once again the incumbent Republican found himself boxed in on the elephant who was not in the room - but was on the mind of everyone who was.

Toomey once again was asked point-blank if he will support his party's nominee, Donald Trump.

And once again Toomey squirmed in what is clearly an uncomfortable position for him.

He repeatedly tried to link McGinty with the "failed programs" of the Obama Administration.

But they don't have the same sticking power as the one question he failed to answer: Doesn't he think his constituents have the right to know if he is going to vote for Trump.

He's in a no-win situation. He needs ever Republican vote he can get, and a bunch of ticket-splitters in order to keep his seat in a state that is increasingly tilting Democratic.

Toomey originally wanted four debates, but McGinty only agreed to two.

It might not be the worst thing that ever happened to Toomey not to have to keep answering the only question anyone wants him to answer. I don't think he's going to answer it anytime soon.

You can get all the details on last night's debate here.