Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Using the F-word in the forecast

They're dropping the F-word in today's forecast.

No, not that F-word. We'll leave that to today's political report, along with the rest of that "locker room talk." We're talking about frost.

Yes, it's a tad chilly out there this morning. And while we'll have a nice, sunny day, it won't exactly get warm. Today's high will struggle to hit the mid-60s. To me that's cold.

Actually, when I climbed into my car, my dash thermometer was reading a chilly 39 degrees. It actually dipped to 38 degrees before rebounding just a bit.

Most of the frost will probably be limited to Allentown and the Lehigh Valley.

Rest assured, it will be here soon enough.

Summer's over. How can I tell? Dinner last night was my first clue.


I love soup, I just don't especially care for the weather that accompanies it.

I will endeavor once again this year to stick to my pledge not to don a winter coat before Thanksgiving. A blazer doesn't count.

Neither does a down vest.

This is what amounts to winter sport for me. That and breaking out the long underwear.

Pass the Saltines.

You can check the full weather forecast here.


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