The final chapter of the Kane Scrutiny

Almost exactly four years ago, Kathleen Kane was a rising Democratic superstar.

Today she will be in a Norristown courtroom trying to stay out of jail.

The convicted former attorney general is due in court to be sentenced for lying to a grand jury concerning materials she leaked in a bitter, personal vendetta against a fellow prosecutor.

It's hard to believe that just four years ago Kane received more votes in Pennsylvania than Barack Obama. In the process she became the first woman and first Democrat ever elected attorney general. People were talking about her as possible gubernatorial or U.S. Senate candidate.

It didn't take long for all that to collapse in a wicked stew of petty, personal feuding.

Kane was irate about a story that made her look bad. And she blamed her longtime foe and fellow prosecutor Frank Fina for it. She plotted her revenge, leaking material to the Philadelphia Daily News on a Fina investigation of then Philly NAACP leader Jerry Modesire.

It didn't seem to matter much to Kane that Mondesire was never charged with any wrongdoing. She only saw a venue to attack Fina. It didn't matter to her that Mondesire was damaged in the process.

Kane is asking the court not to send her to prison for her offenses. The prosecution begs to differ. They want significant jail time for the disgraced former attorney general.

We'll be there to bring you all the details on one of the most stunning falls from grace in Pennsylvania political history.